Membership Details & Application Form

A society member agrees to remain in good standing with GRCVI by:

  • Paying a membership fee
  • Attending at least one General Meeting during your membership period
  • Using voting privileges 
  • Voting by proxy if necessary 
  • Treating other members and GRCVI guests with respect and kindness 
  • Respecting each other’s differences in gender identity or expression, ethnicity or ancestry, age, religion, political affiliation, disability, size and economic status. 
  • Respecting the space/property that a meeting or activity takes place in


  • Membership is valid for one year 
  • Membership does not replace the need for a Criminal Records Check should you be interested in volunteering for a program that involves direct contact with youth
  • Proxy voting can be done by notifying GRCVI in advance with the name of another GRCVI member in good standing who will place their vote for them 
  • Membership may be revoked if the member falls out of good standing 

Click the link to fill out the Membership form: