Membership Benefits

A variety of guitars from the GRCVI Gear Lend program. Photo by Michelle Edwards.

Gear Lend program

Keep making music beyond the week of camp or try out a new instrument! We have an assortment of guitars, bass guitars, drums, keyboards and more including amps and other gear.

Ongoing learning

Gain access to a variety of courses in development assistance, training, education and learning resources to empower yourself throughout the year.

Band: The Randoms - July 2014

Year-round volunteer opportunities

A lot goes into one week of camp! Help out in your area of expertise and passion such as development of workshops and activities; grant writing; booking bands to play during lunchtime for the week of camp; or start a new initiative that YOU envision for Girls Rock Camp Victoria.

Put the AMP in camp!

Do you love the rock camp experience and talk about it to just about everyone? Help amplify our presence by being a part of the promotions committee; be a representative at community events and more.

Build community

Many hands make for light work and joyful gatherings. A healthy membership can make a difference for the marginalized youth in our community. Attend our general meetings, appreciation events and social gatherings to help share the work and recognize the accomplishments we’ve achieved together.

Support our wider community

Help us support other marginalized groups in our community. Equality for all is at the heart of every movement – we can all do our part to raise each other up in our wider community.

Be part of an international network

GRCVI is a member of the Girls Rock Camp Alliance, an international network of youth-centred arts and social justice programs. A GRCVI membership gives you the opportunity to join their exclusive social network for camp volunteers of all levels (band coaches, camp organizers, music instructors, educators and workshop facilitators, Board members).

GRCA Pen Pal program

Meet a camper or volunteer from another camp via the Girls Rock Camp Alliance! The GRCA has a membership of over 100 camp from all around the world. You could choose to have a pen pal from within Canada or the USA, or as far away as Australia, Peru, Japan, Mozambique, Serbia, Finland, Brazil, the UK and more.