“Be the person you needed
when you were younger.”

Ayesha Siddiqi

Volunteering with Girls Rock Camp Victoria (GRCVI) gives members of the public an opportunity to mentor and support youth as they learn, explore their creativity and build confidence. It’s a chance to connect with your peers in the Girls Rock Camp Victoria community so you can also have the opportunity to learn and build camaraderie.

For the camp program, child care experience and/or a background in music are an asset but not necessary for some volunteer roles. Roles are open to women and gender-expansive persons. Read more about our Gender Policy on the About page.

Successful applicants may take on more than one role as long as it’s a manageable schedule for all those involved. Read more below about the different roles we’re looking to fill.


Camp only happens once a year but needs planning and people to make it happen:

Board of Directors: in accordance with the GRCVI constitution the BoD develop, organize and carry out camp programming, volunteer opportunities and community events. Learn more about this team on the Board of Directors page.

Volunteer Committees: works with BoD members to support and accomplish GRCVI objectives.

Summer Camp

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All volunteers are expected to attend the Showcase. After supporting campers throughout a week of camp, GRCVI wants the campers to experience the kind of community we would want to see at any rad and awesome show. We will be their biggest fans at this concert finale!

Read more about what to expect during the week on the Camp Info page.

Band Coach: guide & support a band throughout their week of camp as they write a song & prepare to perform at the Showcase Concert finale. Full-time commitment mandatory; part-time available once priority roles are filled.

Camp Support: these are part-time roles that allow volunteers to work around their schedule.

  • Admin: this ranges from meeting campers as they arrive for camp and help ensure a safe departure to their family at the end of the day; greeting facilitators or Lunch Gig musicians and be a point of contact for them when they’re on-site.
  • Trauma Counsellor: first aid; conflict resolution; provide emotional or well-being support for campers.
  • Roadie: help the day run smoothly by getting instruments, equipment and gear to where it needs to be.
  • Break Supervisor: supervise break times with campers.

Leader in Training: this unique role is intended for camper alumni between the ages of 15-18 to gain hands-on experience in a variety of duties.

Instrument Instructor: teach campers the basics & beyond of playing their instrument so they can rock out with their band! Full-time commitment mandatory; part-time available once priority roles are filled.

Workshop Coordinator: introduce campers to a topic that supports their week at camp. This can range from song writing, zine making, band logo or poster design, music history, feminism, self care & mental health, stage presence and more. Commitment: a one-time session ranging between 45 minutes to 90 minutes.

Lunch Time Gig: musicians/bands play a short set for our campers during lunch time so they get to know about the local music scene. Bands/musicians featuring women, gender non-binary or trans persons are invited to apply. Set time: 15-30 minutes approx.

Media: help document our week at camp as a photographer or videographer.

Showcase Concert support: help out as a roadie, stage management, audio recording, video recording, sound check, door admission, merch table, decorating the venue and more!

Get in Touch

Interested in helping out? Not sure where your skills fit in but want to find out how you can get involved? Send us a note through our Contact page and tell us about yourself!

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