Summer Camp 2021 Update

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What is Girls Rock Camp Victoria?

Girls Rock Camp Victoria (GRCVI) offers a feminist-based, music day camp program for marginalized youth (girls and gender-expansive) ages 8 – 18. During the program week, camp participants will receive daily instrument instruction and band practice; attend workshops to build up their skills, fuel their creativity and self-confidence; then they’ll take to the stage for the Showcase Concert and perform their song for an audience of their family, friends and the Girls Rock Camp Victoria community.

The camp staff are a fantastic team of musicians, educators, artists and community members who are eager to share their knowledge and skills to make this unique opportunity available to youth.

Not in Victoria, BC, Canada?

GRCVI is part of a worldwide network of girls rock camps. Visit Girls Rock Camp Alliance to find a camp near you! 

What happens at camp?

Campers can expect a range of activities and workshops such as:

  • Music making: instrument use and related gear care; song writing; vocal techniques and voice care

  • Creative skills: band name & identity; stage presence; zine making; designing and making your very own band logo and t-shirt

  • Empowerment through knowledge & respect: music history; music genres; seminars on feminism, inclusion, diversity, cultural awareness and more; personal well-being practices & mindfulness

  • Band how-to’s: set up a practice space; working with your band mates; putting on your own show; band & show promotion

Programming may include out trips. We have previously visited: the martial arts studio at Crusher Combat Sports to try a new activity, learn new skills and explore our boundaries; Third Space (formerly the UVSS Women’s Centre) for workshops and to learn about their resources; and CFUV 101.9 FM Radio to be interviewed on-air and play some music selected from their library. 

Who are the camp facilitators?

In addition to the skilled team who run the program during the week of camp, we also invite creative community members to lead a workshop. Past guests include: Yvonne Blomer (Victoria’s 4th Poet Laureate, 2015-18) and Maita Cienska (Victoria’s fifth Youth Poet Laureate, 2017), Tina Pearson (composer and performer of new music, sound art and audio-visual media), as well as members of the West Coast League of Lady Wrestlers, Girl Gang Vancouver Island and Broken Rhythms Dance Company, among many others.

We also have awesome musicians play during lunchtime to introduce campers to the musicians in the local Victoria community. Past lunchtime gigs have featured: Chance Lovett & The Broken-Hearted, Kathryn Calder, Open Relationship, Vic Horvath, Jessica Benini, Belles & Cannons, plus youth bands Pink Charcoal, Sugar Castle, and The Grand Larsens, just to name a few.

Do I need to bring my own instrument or anything else?

All instruments (drums, bass, guitar, keyboard), related gear and necessary equipment are provided. However, if you have your own instrument that you would prefer to play during the week of camp, just let us know on the application form.

Campers should be prepared to bring:

  1. A healthy, nutrient-dense picnic-style lunch, plus a snack (or two), every day. No gum, candy or soda pop, please and thanks!

  2. A reusable water bottle

  3. A light-coloured, plain/smooth t-shirt (100% cotton or other natural fibre) for silk screening their band t-shirt

  4. Enthusiasm!

Snacks and breaks will be scheduled daily to give campers time to stretch and refresh.

Smart phone use: GRCVI understands and respects the importance of families to be able to stay in touch with each other. We would like to take this opportunity to note that camp programming will require the full attention and participation of each camper. Phones should not be in use during assembly, instrument instruction, workshops or other learning sessions/activities unless by consent or permission of a camp team member or facilitator.

What are the daily program times?

The camp program has two main components:

  1. The first part of camp runs from Monday to Friday* 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.
  2. Saturday* is the last day of camp and has a different schedule from the rest of the week of camp for the Showcase Concert! Full schedule details will be provided to all camp participants and their families. 

Due to the intended goals and outcomes for this program, it is mandatory for campers to participate in the full week of the camp program including Showcase day. This will help ensure the success of each camp participant as well as their band.

* In the event that camp is scheduled up against a long weekend due to a stat holiday, the camp program will be shortened to run over five consecutive days instead of six. 

Where does camp happen?

Camp usually takes place at two venues – one for the camp program (Monday-Friday) and the second venue is for the Showcase Concert (Saturday).

We are currently looking for venues for our next camp program. If you are able to connect us with someone to talk with, please get in touch via our Contact page

How much are camp fees?

Program fees are a sliding scale of $200-$400. This means a family can choose to pay a fee that is within their financial ability.

A Payment Plan is also available to help families in planning out their childcare budget.

Lastly, Financial Aid is available for families who may be facing financial hardship.

By providing these financial options, our aim is to make this camp program accessible to all families regardless of their financial background because all marginalized youth have the right to rock out 🙂 

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