Summer 2018

Registration is now closed for this season’s program. We hope you’ll join us for our Showcase Concert Finale!

Read all about the camp program below!

What is Girls Rock Camp?

Girls Rock Camp Victoria offers a feminist-based, music day camp program for girls, gender non-binary and trans youth ages 8 – 18. During the program week, camp participants will receive daily instrument instruction and band practice; attend workshops to build up their skills, fuel their creativity and self-confidence; then they’ll take to the stage for the Showcase Concert and perform their song for an audience of their family, friends and the Girls Rock Camp Victoria community.

The camp staff are a fantastic team of musicians, educators, artists and community members who are eager to share their knowledge and skills to make this unique opportunity available to youth.

 What are the camp dates and daily program times for 2018?

For summer 2018 our camp program will be running July 23 – 28. The camp program runs from Monday to Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. and on the sixth day is the Showcase Concert – this day has a different schedule from the rest of the week of camp. In general, the schedule for Showcase day runs a half day that starts in the late morning and ends in the afternoon.

What happens at camp?

Campers can expect a range of activities and workshops such as:

  • Music making: instrument use and related gear care; song writing; vocal techniques
  • Creative skills: band name & identity; stage presence; zine making; designing and making your very own band logo and t-shirt
  • Empowerment through knowledge & respect: music history; music genres; feminism; gender awareness; personal well-being practices & mindfulness
  • Band how-to’s: set up a practice space; how to put on your own show; band/show promotion

Due to the intended goals and outcomes for this program, it is mandatory for campers to participate in all six days of the camp program. This will help ensure the success of each camp participant as well as their band.

Programming may include out trips. We have previously visited the martial arts studio Crusher Combat Sports to try a new activity, learn new skills and explore our boundaries; Third Space (formerly the UVSS Women’s Centre) for workshops and to learn about their resources; and CFUV 101.9 FM Radio to be interviewed on-air and play some music selected from their library.

Do I need to bring my own instrument or anything else?

All instruments (drums, bass, guitar, keyboard), related gear and necessary equipment are provided. However, if you have your own instrument that you would prefer to play you are welcome to use it at camp, just let us know on the application form.

Campers should be prepared to bring:

  1. A healthy, picnic-style lunch, plus a snack, every day (no gum, candy or soda pop, please)
  2. A reusable water bottle
  3. A light-coloured, plain/smooth t-shirt (100% cotton or other natural fibre) for silk screening their band t-shirt
  4. Enthusiasm!

Snacks and breaks will be scheduled daily to give campers time to stretch and refresh. Programming will require the full attention of each camper. If your child will be bringing their phone, please be aware they may be asked to temporarily hand it over to staff for safe keeping during the program.

Where does camp happen?

Camp takes place at two venues:

  • July 23 – 27, Monday – Friday: Victoria College of Art at 1625 Bank street | NOTE: this is a multi-storey building that is not wheelchair accessible.
  • July 28, Saturday: Dave Dunnet Community Theatre – 2121 Cadboro Bay Road. Please join us for the Showcase Concert Finale!

These camp venues are only rental locations – please direct all questions about Girls Rock Camp Victoria to our email address:

Not in Victoria, BC, Canada? Click here to see if there’s a Girls Rock Camp near you:

How much are camp fees?

Program fees are a sliding scale of $200-$400. This means a family can choose to pay a fee that is within their financial ability. A Payment Plan is available to help families in planning out their childcare budget. Financial Aid is available for families who may be facing financial hardship. By providing these financial options, our aim is to make this camp program accessible to all families regardless of their financial background because all girls have the right to rock out 🙂

I submitted my application – when will I hear back about a spot in camp?

Because each applicant is unique, it takes a bit of time to figure out the configuration of each band, which is based on the age of the applicant and their instrument choice. We also review any specific needs of an applicant and consider our ability to successfully provide support to all campers during the program. Please allow at least seven days for a reply back regarding camp space. If it has been more than ten days please feel free to get in touch via email.

Have more questions? Please email us at: