Girls Rock Camp Comes to Victoria – Nexus newspaper | July 16, 2014

Camp Program Accolades

“…she’s gone from being very shy and unsure of herself to being more confident & committed to making music.
GRCVI has been a huge part of this transformation!”

proud dad of a camp participant, 2014 – 2017

This past summer our daughter attended Girls Rock Camp in Victoria, British Columbia. Our daughter has been in transition since the summer of 2016, and in addition to gender dysphoria, she also has anxiety and ADHD. These things combined, in addition to having not seen her birth mother for over two years (her mother suffers from mental health and addictions issues), have provided significant challenges.

We’ve always known her to be musical, and have encouraged her participation in music at school. Until this summer, however, she seemed to struggle with finding her voice – regardless of what instrument she played, it felt like she was holding back her talent, unsure of herself. We’d hear her singing in her room, or in the back of the car – but it was always as if she were singing to herself.

Without a doubt, Girls Rock Camp has had a profound positive impact on our daughter, to the extent that I would characterize it as life changing. Her self-confidence both on stage and off stage received a tremendous boost, and she’s completely come out of her shell with her singing. The positive feedback she’s had from others in the community have in turn solidified this self-confidence and brought our daughter an overall improved sense of well-being and value for her talents.

I would like to thank the Victoria Girls Rock Camp board, staff and volunteers for the important work you do in our community. In particular, our daughter herself credited the support she had from her bass instructor Caitlin and band coach Phoenix as being sources of motivation and inspiration towards the changes we’ve seen.

With gratitude,
Parents of a camp participant at the Girls Rock Rock Camp Victoria 2017 summer program