Board of Directors 

Left to right: Caitlin Gallupe (Vice President), Geraldine Bulosan (President), Melissa Edwards (Treasurer).

The BoD are also the camp programming organizers and meet year round to prep for the following year’s camp. This includes community outreach to find workshop facilitators to participate during the week of camp and musicians to play our lunchtime gigs; securing venues for camp; fine tuning the camp schedule and paperwork; hauling instruments, gear and equipment; putting on a concert and more.

Why do we do it? Because girls, gender non-binary and trans youth have a right to the tools to help them succeed and should have the opportunity for positive expression. Girls Rock Camp Victoria provides the space, time and ability for youth to make this happen.

We are currently looking for volunteers to work alongside the Vice President and President roles as part of our succession planning. Please visit the Join Our Team page if you would like to put in your application or nominate someone else. 

Please get in touch via our Contact page to find out more details.