GRCVI 2015 in the CFUV Radio music library. Photo by Ashley Ohtsijah Hall.
GRCVI 2015 in the CFUV Radio music library. Photo by Ashley Ohtsijah Hall.

Thank you for your enthusiasm as we get camp up and running for this summer.

Girls Rock Camp Victoria camp registration is now open! We are excited to offer this program for a third session running August 8-13.

Due to our new camp location we are able increase the number of camp spots. Camp space is still limited so submit your application asap.

For details about this year’s camp program or for a copy of the application, please click here: 2016 Camper Application *July 29 update: there’s one last spot for an 11-14 year old for the keyboard!*

Interested in volunteering? We need people for Band Support, Workshop Facilitators, admin help, roadies and more. Music knowledge and skills are not required for all positions – get in touch to find out how you can get involved!

Rock on!
Girls Rock Camp Victoria Society

2 thoughts

  1. I believe its already running but we are interested in knowing more about the Girls Rock Camp at Victoria College of Art running this week. We just heard about it and it sound like something positive. Can you provide more information. Would you accept a late registrant?

    Connie & Soleia


    1. Hi Connie & Soleia,

      Thanks for getting in touch! Yes, our camp is already underway. As much as we would love to offer this opportunity to all those interested, unfortunately we cannot accept late registrants. There’s a lot of crucial groundwork that the campers cover on day one that helps ensure they develop as a band and are performance ready for their Showcase concert by the end of the week. In addition to daily instrument instruction and band practice, campers attend workshops on song writing, music gear knowledge, band identity, zine making, silk screening band t-shirts (with an original design by the band), music history, listening & sound making, how to put on a show/promotions, self-care, sound checks and more, including field trips! If you’d like to be on our email list to receive notifications for our next summer camp, please email us at: info@grcvi[dot]ca.


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