Thanks to everyone for a very successful Showcase to wrap up the first Girls Rock Camp Victoria program!

The Spencer mansion at the Art Gallery of Greater Victoria was completely packed with Rock camp families, friends, the general public and GRCVI volunteers who cheered on three new bands as they played eight(!) new songs between them.

GRCVI July 2014 Showcase at AGGV
GRCVI July 2014 Showcase at AGGV

You wouldn’t have known it from their performance but that night some of the campers played an instrument that they had no previous experience with a week ago. On the night of the Showcase it was wonderful to see the campers take up space onstage with the certainty of a veteran musician. Their confidence in playing a newly written song shone through their set and radiated throughout the crowd.

Rock Camp Families – you should be very proud of your campers! During the week of camp, their skill development was exponential – the pace they were learning at and their growing creativity was exciting to witness everyday.

This was an unforgettable and inspiring night that could not have been possible without the community support of local businesses, charitable non-profits as well as government agencies including: Larsen Music, The Art Gallery of Greater Victoria, the CRD and Long & McQuade.

During the past year over 50 community supporters have provided GRCVI with venue space for fundraisers, info booths and meeting space; shared their musical talents at our fundraising events; donated items and services as raffle prizes; provided coffee to sustain our volunteers and gave generously from the heart.

I am also incredibly grateful to every single member of the Girls Rock Camp Victoria team for bringing their A+ game to camp every single day. Their collective knowledge, skills and passion for this project was uplifting to observe every day – by day two, the campers were already rocking out! This couldn’t have happened without the dedicated support of everyone on the camp team.

Thank you so much again to everyone for making this project possible. This city has become a more vibrant place because of you.

Rock on!

Geraldine Bulosan

GRCVI Camp Director

Board of Directors, President

GRCVI July 2014 Showcase Sound Check with The Randoms
GRCVI July 2014 Showcase Sound Check with The Randoms

Thank You’s

Larsen School of Music

Art Gallery of Greater Victoria

Capital Regional District

Long & McQuade

Night of Lights at Hillside Mall

Girls Rock Camp Vancouver

Girls Rock Camp Alliance

Burnside Gorge Community Association

UVSS Women’s Centre

Olio Cooperative

Country Grocer

Lucky Bar

Talk’s Cheap

CFUV Radio 101.9 FM

CFUV Women’s Radio Collective

Atomique Productions

Shelter Creative Services

Eves of Destruction Roller Derby

Moka House on Hillside

Soumya Natajaran

Bharat Chandramouli

Bells & Cannons

Kathryn Calder

Jessica Benini

Born in Cities

The Tuesdays

Open Relationship

Line Traps

Kara Taylor

The Chantrelles

The Grand Larsens

Madill Office

North Park Bicycle Shop

Mike & Mary-Anne McNeney

Ray Powell

Tasha Diamant

John Carlow

Tom Tom Magazine

Dorothy Cook

Rocky Mountain Soap Company

Ditch Records

Turntable Records

Fish Hair Salon

Olive the Senses

Madrona Gallery

The Parsonage

Cobbs Bread in Harris Green

David’s Tea on Government st

John’s Place Restaurant

GRCVI 2014 Day 2 lunch jam session
GRCVI 2014 Day 2 lunch jam session


And of course, all of the amazing and rad camp staff & volunteers!

Letitia Anamali

Jessica Benini

Ann-Kristin Blanken

Marlaina Buch

Angelique Bulosan

Geraldine Bulosan

Alysha Capling

Rachelle Chamberlain

Joanne Cuffe

Carina Foran

Caitlin Gallupe

Jeb Gordon

Devon Grieve

Jody Isaac

Laura Jeffery

Roz Jeffery

Megan Kronkite

Ashley Mikitzel

Beth Miller

Eden Oliver

Jane Schneider

Clorisa Simpson

Sarah Smith

Jaimie Sumner

Diane Taylor

5 Queens, photo by Clorisa Simpson
5 Queens, photo by Clorisa Simpson

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